Sunday, December 21, 2008

Call me lazy, but I figured that I would post some of my old journal postings. Psycologically it makes me feel like I'm not starting from scratch here.

Woot woot
· Dec. 15th, 2008 at 8:24 AM

So not everything works out the way you think it's going to. That much I know. Anyway, I'm working at a gallery in Old Town and I love it! The Gallery director has made me head of merchandising. which is great, becuse I love display work. Everyday someone mentions how nice the displays look. I say thank you, but my internal dialouge goes more like this... "Yeah? Well, that's because I'm AWESOME!!!!!!" I seriously rock at this shit. Mike has been working part time at a craft store and while we have NO MONEY, we have been able to focus on stuff we love to do. Mike's art is amazing! the detail is amazing. and even his not so detailed stuff is good. I've been making jewelry, which started as sort of an "I can do that" moment. We got in these hammered hoops at work that I loved, but they were way too expensive for me. I believe the price was $110.00. When I looked at them closer I knew I could make them and I did. Not for any $110.00 either! So mike and I have set up Etsy accounts. He's sold 3 things, and I've sold 9. I had to explain to him that it's easier to sell Jewelry. With art people have to think things like "where am I going to put it?", and "Does this go with the flow of my room?" Jewelry all people think is I love it or I don't. Thus easy. Of course 6 of the 9 sales have been to family members so I'm not too sure yhow well I'll be doing after I tap out my friends and family. Any way if you see this please check out our etsy sites! www.ifihadahammer.etsy.comwww.bixbybrainstorm.etsy.comLocation:Albuquerque

House didn't sell. We've decided not to move for now. I'm thinking of trying my hand at opening a shop. We'll see how that goes. Everything might fall apart before that happens, but who knows? This is my life at the moment and any other moment I suppose. I'm willing to change where needed. we're back in our house and making the best of it.

I feel like I'm playing the worlds longest game of murphy's law. Nothing is going the way we planed. (what does?) The house has been on the market for two months, and the comparatively strong Albuquerque market has crashed. A group of ten year olds vandalized our vacent house. The house is ok but four window screens are destroyed and the parents are not interested in making any commitment to helping us get them replaced. the kids were going to use it as their club house. We couldn't make September's mortgage payment, Mike is in a serious amount of pain and needs a tooth pulled and we have no money for that. I cried in the packing room at work three times today, and once in the car. I'm miserable, Mike's miserable. What can we do? My motto for the past couple of monthes has be every cliche for "get through it" that I can think of.Fake it till you make itSmile through the painfeel the burnI don't know how the last on applies to my current situation but I'm using it right now. The pressure I feel is like walking under deep water, and it just keeps getting deeper. Who new that the camel whose back was broken by straw could so easily get mulitple fractures. i don't want to borrow money from anyone! I can't afford to have more people to pay back. We've had to lower the price of the house by ten thousend dollars and as of two weeks ago we are now paying closing costs.I miss my friends. I miss my Nannon. And I don't have alot of time for online venting. Here's the weird thing. I still have hope, yet I feel hopeless! What an amazing combo of emotions. To feel like everythings caving in on you, but that you just might make it out by the skin of your teeth. I'm convinced that eventually the house will sell and we'll make it to Savannah. It might just take a fall and winter of hell to get there, but I'd prefer just another couple of weeks. By the way the magic eight ball lied. It said we'd have an offer on our house last week.
Jun. 8th, 2007

Mikes at his moms place helping out at a garage sale. His grandparents gave us a great idea. Take the money we were going to set aside for shipping all our crap out there, and get all new stuff. What a great idea! So, instead of paying movers between 2500 and 3000 dollars to move our secondhand crap, we're gonna tow a small trailer and buy new stuff when we get out to GA. Perfect excuse for new furniture! Now if we can just get our house on the market.
May. 31st, 2007
· 8:54 AM

Been working my ass off lately. Mike's officially jobless and making good progress on getting the house ready for sale, and I work six days a week. One at my father-in-laws office and five at Shiprock Trading Company in old town. Time to run to the welfare office. Not like I thought we wouldn't need to, but I did some really disturbing math yesterday. 1200 dollars minus 930.00 for the mortgage payment doesn't leave enough for paying the bills muchless eating. We've been selling alot of stuff, but not enough to really count for anything. Anyone interested in an Ibanez Rg Series electric guitar? We want 150.00 for it. Trying to keep my chin up. gotta get ready for work now.
Apr. 27th, 2007
· 4:48 PM

I've got two jobs lined up in Old Town. One at a coffee shop, and another at a Gallery. I'm gonna see about taking both, but if that doesn't work out, I'll take one full time and find a bar to cocktail at. I"m hoping to find one that caters to mostly older men, 50's on up. Not a strip club. Maybe a sports bar. Anyway my strategy with that is that to older guys I'll be considered young, and a low cut top may add to potential tips. If I cocktail at a bar downtown, I might not make that much in tips. College kids. I'll be working my ass off, but it's just until the house sells. I can do it short term, and Mike will get to experience being a stay at home Dad. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Revenge!

Apr. 20th, 2007
· 6:52 PM

I'm just gonna put this out there. I miss my vibrator. It was a really nice one, but a small piece of metal fell out of where the batteries go, and it stopped working. Mike needs to utilize his employee discount before he finally loses it and quits, and get me a new one.
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Apr. 19th, 2007
· 10:48 AM

Grandpas memorial was last Saturday. I got to meet his good friend Attila the Hun...garian. On display was Grandpa's acceptance letter to Mensa. Here's the thing. The letter was signed by S/Phyllis Wiener. I'm not fucking joking. I giggled to myself and made a point of showing the letter to all my relations. Some of whom needed an explanation as to why I found this amusing. Mike is completely miserable at his job, which makes him miserable at home, which makes me miserable. He wants to quit and this scares the shit out of me. I just want to get the house ready to sell, and not have to worry about our financial situation, but if he reaches his breaking point, I'll have to find a job, he'll have to find a job, the kids will need daycare, financially we may still need some assistance, and we'll still have to get the house ready to sell. This is not how this is supposed to go down. He's supposed to be able to push through all the shit at work, and quit when we sell the house. The battle in my head keeps building, and the shit we've been going through the last few months has got me depressed and scared. I keep telling myself that everything will be ok, we've just gotta keep going and push through the heap of emotional and financial manure that gets dumped on us daily. I've been doing all the reassuring, and I just want someone to tell me everything is going to be alright. Not someone. Mike.

Apr. 8th, 2007
10:04 AM

Grandpa died at 1:17am easter morning. Today. Ironic that the atheist dies on the holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. I was hoping to get to annoy him with lots of Jesus talk this evening, but even if he hadn't of passed away, he wouldn't have been coherent enough for me to annoy him properly. In fact he was only lucid for seconds at a time with hours breaking up those moments. The last time I saw him and knew that he recognized me was thursday. He held my hand, very slowly brought it to his lips, and kissed it. Thursday was also be the last day that I heard his laugh. He opened his eyes to find me tickling my youngest, David, and he chuckled. I'll miss him.
Mar. 31st, 2007
· 9:28 AM

birthday week still suckin ass. Paid bills and now have no money. Chad has decided that I'm mean because my mom can't watch him this weekend, and he'd rather be there then here. David is speaking in his new language exclusively now. It's called WHINE. And Mike will be pisses when he wakes up and finds out we can't go to the gym because all baby sitters are either sick, busy, or taking care of my dieing grandpa. On the bright side, the six kittens my cat gave birth to two weeks ago are really cute. I'm such a loser. There has gotta be something better then that to put on the bright side of things... I had sex last night. There that's better. Monday work took me out to lunch, and Trish and I agreed that our waitress was so cute that we'd make out with her if given the opportunity. My new pots and pans rock, and I found a three pound bag of almonds for ten bucks at costco. There. That's my bright side. I'm not even sure if I'm making sense anymore. I need some breakfast and to put on my hormone cream.
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My dieing Grandpa is ruining my birthday!
· Mar. 28th, 2007 at 7:16 PM

Grandpa is still alive, which is good, but his slowly dieing in the mother-in-law quarters of my parents home has totally stolen my birthday thunder. Not to mention that he had the nerve to turn eighty last week. The bastard. I went to visit him this morning and made him put his oxygen back on. He doesn't like to keep it on. It only took a threat to beat him and my assurance that it would make him feel better to get him to comply. I'm not sure which part of that was effective enough to make him listen. I am getting quite beefy lately. Maybe it was the threat of physical harm. He seems to have a few decent days mixed in with some really crappy almost dead days. Yesterday he could barely breathe, today he could walk himself to the bathroom. His decent days are still really shitty. If my good days were anything like his, I'd be asking for euthanasia.I'm feeling quite surly this evening. It's my fucking birthday. I guess I get to be an ass if I want to. My mom bought me new pots and pans. Stainless steel, really shiny, and really heavy! I can't wait to beat somebody in the head with the saute pan. does anyone else ever get the urge to just beat someone in the head? it happens to me all the time at the gym. I'm not sure why, but when I'm carrying weight around, I'm sometimes just a little tempted to hit someone in the head with a twenty pound dumb bell. Whatever. I'm twenty-nine today.
· Music:Slayer. Idon't know the name of the song, but I like it.
Mar. 17th, 2007

My grandpa is so close to dieing, that when he sleeps, he already looks dead. It's some sort of creepy foreshadowing. He's been moved to my Mom and Dads' house and hospice care has been introduced. My mother seems so happy to be able to help him and be near him now. I told her how hard it was for me to see him so sick, and told her how proud I was of her for taking care of him. She told me that for her, the difficult part was over. It was harder for her to worry about him living alone not getting the care that he needed, then having him near where she can make sure that he's well cared for. He was over medicating himself, and under eating in his little crap hole house. He felt horrible. My mom's worked all that out for him. She feeds him what ever he wants, when ever he wants it and had all his medication adjusted. He perked up so much after just one day with her that he thought that he was ready to go back home. My mother jokes that she never should have started feeding him. She discussed it with him and he's decided that it's much more practical, and logical for him to stay with my her and my dad. That's my grandpa. Practical. Did I mention cheap? He doesn't want to pay for full time home care. My mom is fucking awesome. When the shit hits the fan, she's always there to do whats needed and right, and she WANTS to do it. The woman doesn't get a whole lot of respect from her family. She's always been considered somewhat of a flake, and sometimes it's true. But shes always there when you need her. She's so weirdly at peace taking care of him. I don't know if I could do the same with out losing my mind with grief. Anyway, Five Memories of my grandpa off the top of my head.1. He used to tighten our belly buttons with his thumb, while making a ratchet noise so that our bottoms wouldn't fall off. 2. He took me on his motorcycle to Baskin Robbins when I was five. I picked Daiquiri Ice because I liked the color. It's been my favorite flavor of the thirty-one ever since.3. When I was six and asked how old he was, he gave me a math problem so I could figure it out for myself. I did it wrong and came up with ninety seven. It seemed right to me, but he was actually only 57.4. For my 20th birthday, he gave me fifty bucks and a motorcycle ride to lunch at a a gross little diner he'd been given a two for one coupon to. For my next five birthdays I asked where my fifty was, but I never got another.5. When I was the ripe old age of 21, he decided that he'd better teach me how to drive. He bored me endlessly with talk of the internal combustion engine and Rpm's, but didn't get mad at me when I couldn't repeat anything that he just said to me, or when I crashed his ancient beast of a truck in to a wall of rail road ties.

Feb. 24th, 2007
· 10:10 AM

Why can't I convince Chad that I never had a penis? He's been quite insistent that my penis has been cut off. In fact he refers to female genitalia an a "Cutted off penis." I've tried to explain the whole vagina thing to him, but I guess since he has a penis, everyone does, and mine has been surgically removed.
Feb. 21st, 2007
· 10:29 PM

I scared the crap out of Chad earlier tonight. He put a small toy in Dave's mouth and I went off on some choking to death on small foreign objects rant that terrified him into a "I don't want to kill my brother or myself", crying jag, that morphed into a "scared of moving", weep fest, that transformed into the tearful realization that, "Great grandma is really, really, really old and going to die soon." I feel horrible for scaring him, but I bet he never forgets that you can choke to death on small toys, coins, and small stones. I sometimes forget that he's a little on the neurotic side. I remember Mike and I discussing our hope that Chad not end up being as nervous a child as we happened to have been, but he's a lot like we were. He's a bit of a worrier. After watching a "Ditches are Deadly" PSA when i was in second grade, I was scared to death of them for years. I thought that my brothers were going to get sucked in just by looking at a ditch, and about had a heart attack when my parents took us for a walk by a bar ditch in the North Valley. I think I cried the whole walk. I have to be careful about not acting too nervous about things when I'm with my kids. I do my best to put on a brave face, even when I'm scared of something. Like petting the cow at heritage farm in the botanical gardens, or going down a really steep slide at the zoo, or falling off a step stool that's only two and a half feet above the ground. Gee. I wonder where Chad gets it from?

Feb. 6th, 2007
· 10:36 AM

At work. Not working again. It's been a long time since I've updated or even looked at my journal. I've been dealing with sick kids, sick husband, pregnant cat, and making big moving plans. Mike and I have decided to sell our house and move to Savannah for no other reason then we spent a few days there four years ago and have been dreaming of it ever since. We recently found out that it may be possible to make near fifty on our house, and think that should be sufficient to move out there, buy a house, and settle into our new surroundings. My brother, Matt, lives in Warner Robbins and has advised us that we should live outside of Savannah due to the high crime rate, but crime rate doesn't really bother us, and Savannah's crime rate is still lower then Albuquerque's. This according to Mike and I lived in an apartment complex that we later saw on "Cops." Our former dealer neighbor was in some sort of trouble. He didn't deal to us, we just say No! He lived upstairs from the crazy guy that bathed in a barrel outside and set up a fort under a tree where he could stake out the hot girls that shared a house across the street. That apartment was only a few miles away from where the infamous transvestite trucker had his wallet stolen on another episode of "Cops." Then we moved downtown. Everybody thought that living downtown would be dangerous, but nothing happened down there. We lived there for three years, and only two things worth remarking about actually occurred. A drunk driver hopped the curb and smashed into our parked car, and there was a shoot out between two cops and a ex-con in the parking lot. Both cops got shot but they sure killed that con. You could see his body from our bedroom window. some might consider that dangerous, but it was only two crimes in three years, and I just don't think that was that bad.
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Jan. 12th, 2007
· 9:17 PM

Nobody puked on Christmas, but someone did pass Strep on to my Aunt. Other then that we had a nice low key Christmas spent mostly with the boys and their toys. I like all the Thomas trains, but I love the Air Hockey game, Operation, and Connect Four.Chad was twice infected with a stomach virus during his Christmas vacation, as well as the Chicken pox. Dave is currently getting over a mild case of chicken pox, and had the tummy flu once. I got Strep, Mike got strep, My cousin got Strep, My sister-in-law got strep, My other sister-in-law got strep, and my aunt got strep. I've been dealing with illness for four weeks, and I hope to god were just about done. I can't handle anymore puking, and diarrhea, sore throats, and crusty spots.Rhiannon did stay with us for a week, and even though she got sick and I had to take her to urgent care, I had a great time with her, and she says she did with me as well. I miss her soooo much! It was awesome to have a girl to hang out with! Especially one so goofy. That's right,Nannon, you're a nut.
Dec. 22nd, 2006
· 12:59 AM

I got out of the house for a half hour. I had to go to the bank and replenish Mike's change fund. I couldn't stop staring at this red headed bank teller. Clearly, she had been taught how to apply make-up by drag queens. I was mesmerized by her sharply angled sweeping eyebrows, and elaborately enhanced lips. The shades of her cosmetics were subtle, but the application was so extreme and alien, I couldn't stop looking. I don't know if she noticed my gawking, and I don't really care. When your drawn-on eyebrows end past your temple, and just before your hairline, your asking for it. The weird thing was that she was a pretty girl underneath all that troweled on make-up. I'm confused by her whole look. Oh well, as long as she likes it, and at least I had something to look at and ponder for the twenty min. I was in line.

Dec. 21st, 2006
· 6:01 PM

CHICKENPOX!!!!!!I'm not fucking joking. Chad has the pox. Which means that David will probably develop them as well. Merry Christmas to us! My week and a half of illness and disease will be extended for another week or two. I may never be able to leave this house of pestilence again. Seriously, this just plain sucks. Chad was sick with some sort of tummy virus last week, he wanted to go to Explora science museum,and I told him we had to wait until he got better. Then Dave got sick and I told Chad we had to wait until Dave was better. Then I got sick , and told him we had to wait for me to get better, I start feeling better then he gets the god damn pox. Poor babies. Mike's mom dropped off a bag of calamine lotion, oatmeal bath, and chicken soup, along with two Christmas gifts for them to open early. By dropped off, I mean that she dropped the bags off at the door and ran away. Her husband has never had the chicken pox, and can't afford to get sick. I called Rhiannon to see if she still wanted to come up for a visit, even if we might not be able to do very much, and she said yes. She got the chickenpox when she was three. I'm glad she's still coming.
Dec. 21st, 2006
· 10:33 AM

I just changes a diaper that smelled exactly like an outhouse. Dave complained of a sore throat last night, but this morning claims his throat doesn't hurt. I took an armpit temp. on him and he has a low grade fever, and that's only if you add a degree to an armpit temp. I think you do. He yelled the whole time I took his temp. so I got a good look down his throat, and it didn't look bad. We'll give it some more time before I rush him to the doctors. His throat could just be irritated from the vomiting earlier in the week, and post nasal drip. My christmas cards were supposed to go out mon., but I'll be sending them out today, everyone will be getting their card the day after christmas. My sweet cousin Rhiannon will be coming to visit me next week, and I'm soooooo excited! Mike and I have missed almost a full week at the gym because of all filthy illnesses we've been dealing with here. That's a huge annoyance.
Dec. 20th, 2006
· 10:15 PM

I have strep. I went to Urgent care on Mon. and told the doctor that I had strep. He told me I didn't have strep, I have a virus. Tue. morning my throat was so swollen that I couldn't swallow my own saliva and was nearly choking on my uvula. I was getting ready to go back to urgent care when I got phone call from the doctor I'd seen the previous day and he tells me, "We made a terrible mistake. You do have strep." No shit. They called in my prescription and I had to force my self to choke down 500 mg of amoxicillian three times. Quite a feat seeing as I spent yesterday spitting into a bucket just to avoid the incredible pain of swallowing. Mike was really, really disgusted by my spit bucket. I'll admit it was gross, but I had to do what I had to do. I think I survived yesterday on half a cup of apple juice. It was all I could force myself to drink. I dropped a couple of pounds on my two day all liquid diet, so, that was a perk. David spent mon. and tue. puking on the carpet, and unknowingly crapping his pants due to diarrhea. Chad spent most of mon. with Mikes mom, and tue. with my mom and dad. He spent the night, which probably was the best thing for him. Kept him away from all the cooties. In other sad news our cat Poe died. My poor Mikey had that cat since he was eleven years old, and I know he's broken hearted about it. It may sound silly, and it's only my opinion, but I think Poe may have been his best, most constant friend over the last 15 years. I don't think he wants me to know how upset he is.
Edit EntryDec. 15th, 2006
· 11:56 PM

Oh yeah, four nights of night terrors. Pick a kid, any kid.
Dec. 15th, 2006
· 11:53 PM

I've been really busy. I spent Wednesday night making a shit load of pineapple upside down cake for Chad's Christmas potluck at school. I finished at 11:15 or so, and got ready for bed. That's when the vomiting started. First Chad threw-up on his bed, then his bedroom floor, then two spots in the hallway, and once more in the bathroom. I got him out of his clothes, sat him on the couch with a large bowl, while I scooped and scrubbed puke out of the carpet... Why did I pick cream colored carpet???? i got his bed cleaned up, and put him back to bed with the puke bowl just in case. He puked again ten min later, and wiped himself up with his blankie. I confiscated it, which didn't go over well, but I promised to wash it immediately so he could have it back by morning. He didn't puke again until the morning. Needless to say we didn't go to the potluck, and I was saddled with enough cake to feed a small army. I made Mike take it to work. It's a good thing too, because I know I had eaten too much of it. I'm about to start my period, so my sweet tooth is sending me into convulsive fits of junk food jonesing. Not an issue any other time of the month. Anyway, I called Chad in as sick, and found out that he was the fourth kid to call in for the same pukey reason. That was thursday. I called him in again today, Friday, and was told that the three other children also had a rash and fever, and were diagnosed with Strep. I assumed this may not apply to Chad, because he had neither rash nor fever. That is until I realized that Dave had a rash and a fever, and Chad had begun to feel warm as well. So it's off to the urgent care tomorrow. Joy of joys. I went on web Md just to see if these were in fact symptoms of strep, and while rare, they are symptoms. Mike is super pissed off because, we had to skip a day at the gym. I told him to go, but apparently If I skip shoulder day my life will be ruined. I suppose my shoulders will deflate like popped balloons, and god forbid I miss a work out because our kids are sick. He could still go, but being extremely habitual, he doesn't want to do anything that would differentiate from our usual workout as a duo. Also he is far too interested in my weight and physique. I've not gained any weight, but he psychosomatic-ly sees me gaining substantial heft, because I had some cake and missed a workout. It's all in his head, just like how he always gets sick when he eats any kind of Asian food. I think he needs mental help. He's gonna be really angry when the kids are too sick to go to the gym tomorrow and he finds out that his mother has already told me that she won't be watching the boys tomorrow. she's ickaphobic. Tough Shit.In other news, Mike and I got the boys all their X-mas gifts tuesday evening. After the kids went to be we took out the Slap Shot air hockey game and Operation, so we could play them ourselves. It was great! We stayed up very late playing the games and trying not to wake up the kids with all the noise we were making. It took us four tries each to remove the pencil. Most everything else was way too easy. The air hockey was fun too. More like air hockey pin ball, but still fun.
Dec. 3rd, 2006
· 11:22 AM

I bought my Nephews Christmas presents yesterday. This year I'm the boring Aunt who buys everyone clothing. I know for a fact that my Brother Matt's stinky boys have more toys then God, if God had toys, and I heard that Aaron went up two sizes this year. Clothing seemed the most helpful gift to give. My brother has three boys, two step one not, they're like adorable wild animals. We don't buy for adults at X-mas, just kids, but I will be buying Matt a butt load of candy. He's in the middle east this year for christmas, and last year he was in Korea. This will be the second Christmas in a row that he'll be spending away from his kids and wife. If all goes well, he should be back in Feb, and were all relieved that he's not stationed in Iraq. Just near it. Mike's beloved cat, Poe, is acting funny lately. He's about sixteen, and I think it's time to take him to the vet and find out if he's dieing or not. I don't know if Mike would cry if his grandparents died, or even his own parents, but I can bet he would if Poe passed on. I consider Poe the one constant in Mike's life since he was ten. Message to Rhiannon!!!!!I'll be sending you some of my Victoria's Secret lotion stash this week! (I did go back for more.) Lets call this your late Birthday gift, and the Nano I promised you, your X-mas gift. And ask your Mom if it's possible for you to come up during your winter break already!!!! I need to know if it's a yes , no, or maybe! Any answer will do, and if you spring your request on her to late she might not be able to make arrangements!! (How do you like all my exclamation points?) La la love ya!Chad's been getting in trouble for being rude and demanding. As of late, he asks me to get him something by demanding it in the following manner."Get me some ________ Woman!!!!" It's like I'm raising Cartmen. Now if he doesn't ask me for things in a polite appropriate manner, he gets sent to time out for five min. Also, if he calls anyone stupid, tell's anyone to shut up, or any other rude behavior, like all his poo-poo talk, he gets a time out. It's so weird! Dave is naturally polite. He's two and has been Mr. please and thank you since he could form a sentence. We never had to teach him these things, but Chad needs to be reminded to be nice and polite at all times. I think we may have laughed at his bad behavior one too many times. He'll do anything for a laugh. It really seemed funny the first time he called me "woman!", or asked us "What the hell is this crap?" Now were paying for it. On another Chad note, he told me that he's really going to miss his Great Grandma, because she's going to die. He told me that she's "Old, old, old, old, old, old." And that old people die. I couldn't help but giggle a little bit. She's seventy eight, but thinks she's still in her thirties. She'd be very offended at being called "Old, old, old, old, old, old." Better get back to my day, and all that laundry.
Nov. 30th, 2006
· 6:42 PM

If I have a goal in life, it's to always smell like a stripper. The few times I've been to a strip club and received lap dances has taught me that strippers make a point of smelling really, really good. No one wants a lounge dance from someone who smells like a fat mans sweaty ass crack... Or some one who has boobs like oranges in tube socks. I've got good boobs, and an obsession with smelling like a stripper. Why has this subject come up? Victoria's Secret is having a sale on their Garden collection. six items for thirty dollars. That's half off regular price. So I stocked up on Amber Romance which is warm and sexy and smells like caramel, amber musk, and Sweet Romance which smells like flowers and Sweet Tarts. I got a body butter, and hand and body cream in each and a EDT in Amber, and body splash in Sweet. The issue that I'm having now is that I really want to go back tomorrow and buy more. Especially the body butter and lotion. I can't stand spending ten dollars on one bottle, but I will spend five. (Half Price) Mike thinks I'm nuts.
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Nov. 30th, 2006
· 12:06 AM

At the gym today, David had a major butt blowout. For those with no little ones, that means he crapped in his diaper with such force that it went up his back, and down his thighs. I did my best to clean up the mess, but was forced to leave mid-workout to get him home wipe him up and put on fresh clothing. Mike and Chad stayed at the gym while I ran home to take care of the fragrant, mushy business in Dave's pants. No point in both of us missing out on a workout, and Chad enjoys the play room. I need to call my Grandpa and set up a visit. I've been putting it off for my own selfish reasons. Mostly they include things like not wanting to see him sick, and it being hard to face the fact that he wont be with us much longer. Time to get over it and visit. He's always so happy to see me, more happy to see me then his own kids. Suck it up Katharine! My aunt and I took a class on writing a business plan yesterday. It was really cool. A lot of great info. My biggest concern will be start up funds I'm positive on that. I don't think I have much in the way of family/friends that could help me out in any sort of financial way, and that's the best place to look for star up funds. Banks don't like to lend for start up funds.I'm gonna meet Desiree tomorrow for some fun. I can't wait to socialize with someone I'm not related to. I hope it doesn't snow too much tonight. It dusted to mountains today and there were a few small flurries in town. I don't think a single person in Albuq. knows how to drive in snow/slush/ice. Everyone with a pickup or SUV thinks that because they have four wheel drive they can go as fast as they like. My point being that if it snows too much tonight I might not be able to meet Des, and I'll be very disappointed! And if it snows School will either be delayed or canceled. They've been known to cancel school on days where all the snow has melted by 10am. I need to go to bed now.
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Nov. 22nd, 2006
· 8:01 PM

Another entry about procrastination!!!! Thanksgiving at my house, so I'll be cleaning until one in the morning. Tomorrow, nothing but cooking. No big surprises there. Mike's still alive, so, that's good. David's peed on the carpet twice tonight. Chad's been lounging in his underwear since we got home from the gym. I've been loading up on caffeine which makes my procrastination jittery. I'll clean when the boys get to bed, or so I say. It's funny to have sleepy eyes, but an awake body. Mike thinks I've been pushing it at the gym, and that's why I've been so tired the last couple days, but I think it's the staying up until two in the morning and waking up at seven. Best be getting busy.
Nov. 19th, 2006
· 12:17 AM

I'm very sleepy, but I know my sleep will be an uneasy one until Mike gets home from work safely tonight. He received a message on his wk phone this morning from someone threatening to kill him outside one of the stores he works at. What's so weird about it is that who ever left this message thinks that because my husband has three six's tattooed on his hand, (A drunken homemade mistake he made when he was 15 and miserable) he's justified in saying that my husbands throat will be "slashed" and his "innards" will be spilled. All, apparently, in the name of the lord. I guess the lord condones death threats from drunks who frequent porn shops. I'm fairly certain that the threat was an empty one, but it was very disturbing to listen to and I just hope that it stays empty. I wish I hadn't asked if I could hear the message. It was really scary to me to think of anyone just saying that much less going through with the actions that were suggested. I just hope he stays safe tonight, and every night for that matter.
Nov. 18th, 2006
· 12:16 AM

It's been a while, so I'll get to it...The girls at Chad's school have taken to occasionally calling him a "sexy boy." Thanks Justin Timberlake, for introducing the word sexy to a playground full of preschoolers. Chad was also kissed ON THE LIPS by an adorable little girl who we'll call R, and sweet little K dressed up extra pretty just for him last week. Tiara and all. I've decided that this behavior is cute until they hit double digits, then it becomes unacceptable until Chad turns thirty. David spent three night's in a row telling me he was afraid of the wall next to his bed. I don't get it, but he seemed satisfied with my solution of smacking the wall and shouting "Bad wall!! Go to bed!" He also set off the emergency exit alarm at Wal-Mart. It scared the piss outa him. At least he wasn't puking in the snack aisle again.We have officially let Backyard kitty join our family. It turns out she's a real freak of nature. She has a two inch tail, and a extra toe on one of her hind legs. It looks like a pink, flappy, mole with a claw coming out of it. We still haven't agreed on a name for her. Mike wants to call her two face, because her face is divided right down the middle. Black on the right side and orange tabby on the left. I'm still calling her Backyard.Mike was buying scratchers, but has given up on his pursuit of instant cash.Now that I'm fairly caught up, I can lament about what a snot factory it's been around here! Both the boys got colds, and have been snotty all week. Chad has been insisting on using his shirt as a kleenex, while Dave prefers his tongue. Eeeewww! It should come as no surprise to me that my boys are disgusting, but for some reason I can't get over crusty shirts, and boogery upper lip. Especially since I've made a point of keeping boxes of tissue close at hand. Get a fucking tissue!!!! I am curious as to why I've not gotten sick yet, seeing as I've been getting booger kisses from David, and Chad coughed directly into my mouth.
· Music:These Things; She Wants Revenge
Nov. 9th, 2006
· 10:30 PM

My week has felt very busy despite my lack of accomplishment. I'm tired, I have a minor knee injury from last Friday, and feel ready for bed. I suppose I should just get to bed and quit complaining. So here's my reminder list of things I want to write about this weekend....Chad's a stud.Dave's scared of his wall, and the exit alarm at Wal-Mart.Mike's taken to purchasing sratchers.Backyard kitty.Like I said before, I'm a sleepy girl. Sorry so very lame!
Nov. 5th, 2006
· 11:44 AM

I went out with my friend, Desiree, last night and had a great night! We went to this new outdoor mall thing that was having a grand opening. It was full of middle aged bleached blond bitches who shop at Chicos and Talbots, and while I'd probably only ever shop the Borders there, it was a very pretty place to walk around.Desiree and I were friends in high school, and had lost touch for several years. We recently found each other again, so there was a lot of catching up to do. We went to dinner, ate a disgusting yet delicious MonteCristo, which I think translates to Christs Mountain, but it's probably named after the Count. We each had a margarita, then walked to get some coffee and admitted things to each other that we were really embarrassed to admit. Like that we both like Justin Timberlake's new song. (Mike, the stereo Nazi, thinks this admission is grounds for divorce, and possibly domestic violence.) Half way through my night out I realized that it was November fourth, and that Mike and I had officially been married for six years. He said that he'll have to thank Desiree for taking me out on our anniversary. Last year, we missed our anniversary by two weeks. Obviously we don't make a big deal over the day. But Mike and I have been married for six and together for almost eight, and I still love him. We'll just see how I feel next year.
· Music:Police & Thieves, The Clash

Nov. 3rd, 2006
· 12:05 AM

How many times you have to ask a two year old to do something before he willingly does it? Answer: I don't know. I haven't hit a high enough number yet.How loud you have to yell at a two year old to get him to listen to you?Answer: Your throat will hurt when you finally hit the right decibel level. If you haven't guessed yet, I'm having defiant toddler issues. It amazes me how one can be soooo very cute, and make me soooo very angry/crazy/frustrated. Today Dave screamed and cried for an entire twenty five minute car ride because he wanted to be in "Chaddy's car seat!" Then, for shits and giggles, reenacted the scene for Chad and I at the pizza place I took them to for lunch. He was actually reenacting the tantrum, which was clever and sorta funny, but annoying to everyone else in the restaurant. As of late, Davey also chooses to either run fifteen feet ahead of me, or lag twenty feet behind me. He refuses to sit in a shopping cart, and will leap out of the cart at me if I place him in one, restraints or not. He's lucky I've caught his little daredevil ass. He finds being reprimanded or scolded to be hilarious, hence the having to yell so loudly that my throat hurts. The words "Quit throwing things at your brother! Quit hitting your brother! Quit kicking your brother! Quit stepping on your brother! Quit tackling your brother! Quit pushing your brother!" are repeated several times a day. His attacks on Chad are always accompanied by a playful grin, and his reprimands are consistently countered with an deepened, mocking toddler answer of " Ok Mommy." Then he just repeats all the actions I told him to quit. I don't want to be a yelling Mommy Monster! I worry that my boys will remember my yelling more then my reading them bed time stories, playing games, and kissing booboo's. What a horrible thought. I need a break. I'll have to see what I can pull off for this weekend. I'm gonna call my mommy!!!!!!!!!
· Music:Move Right In; Rollins Band
Nov. 2nd, 2006
· 12:25 AM

No special dark candy bars or peanut butter kisses for me! The boy's did manage to receive more dum-dums then you can shake a fist at. They were adorable, as expected. Here are a few pics.Chad the Zombie Doctor. When his grandpa asked who his victims were he quickly replied, "My patients." David, the chubby cheeked skeleton, completely un-phased by his flesh devouring older brother. Anyway, Halloween was fun, and now I'm off to bed.
Oct. 29th, 2006
· 3:36 AM

My mom took the boys to Zoo Boo today. It's a Halloween thing at the zoo. They looked adorable. Chad wore his pirate costume and Dave was a skeleton. A very chubby cheeked skeleton. He would not wear his mask, which is funny because we couldn't get him to take it off all week. I don't normally post pictures of my children, but they were just so god damn cute to day.Chad rockin' the pirate look. My boys are insanely cute. Dave unfortunately wasn't into getting his picture taken today. I was lucky to get him in the above shot. To anyone who hasn't tried to wrangle an uncooperative two year old to stand still for a photo, it's really hard and you might as well just wait until they are in a more agreeable mood.
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Oct. 18th, 2006
· 11:10 PM

Just to catch up.... Grandpa didn't look so good. I didn't even bother to ask for the motorcycle lessons. I just fed him about ten bars of chocolate, and argued with him about which was more ego based, belief in God or atheism. He told me that he couldn't fallow my line of logic concerning atheism being just as ego based if not more so, then belief in god. I was really just arguing about it to entertain him, even if I believe my points were valid. I can't quite remember what my points were right now, but they were valid, God damn it! Grandpa has decided to donate his body to science. He's filled out all the paper work with a lawyer, so after he dies, his body will be dissected by med students at UNM. Dave made "icky icky ice cream" on the potty last night for the first time ever!!!!!! He spent the rest of the night talking about it. We are all very proud, and hope he makes it a habit very soon.Chad's beta, Rainbow, died today. He was quite distraught, and required cuddling for about twenty minutes before making his request for another fish. We'll be picking one out at Wal-Mart tomorrow.I'm going to bed now.

a short conversation with my two year old.
· Oct. 8th, 2006 at 9:31 AM

Dave: I eat Chaddy's booger.Me: EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!Dave: Gross?Me: Yeah Davey, gross.
Oct. 1st, 2006
· 5:59 PM

Blah blah blah blah blah blah........ My ass is sore.......My weekend of potty training lock-down is a failure.......I'm broke......I cleaned my moms kitchen and living room today........ My kids are currently fighting over toys....... I want a nap...... I won't get a nap..... Mike's at wk...... Chad's running around naked....... Dave is throwing a football at the walls...... I need a shower....... I need to do laundry and clean........ I don't wanna....... a stray cat we've been feeding keeps bringing us half dead mice as thank-you's..... We, unfortunately, need to take her to a shelter..... she has no tail.... I wk tomorrow........ Ok, I get to file for an hour and sit on my ass for 4 hours tomorrow........ I still get paid.....I have to go now, and hang up posters in my boy's rooms...... How boring was this?????? Very.
· Music:Queen Bitch; David Bowie
Sep. 27th, 2006
· 11:48 PM

I need to go to bed. I feel sleepy, but I rarely get time to myself, so I'm staying up for just a bit longer. I worked my legs hard at the gym Monday and i feel like I have rocks for calves. I try to kill my legs once a week, I'm hoping to wk my way up to twice a week. I get to walk around sore for a few days after my "Kill the legs" day. I wk my upper body twice a week, but with the intention on toning, and not decimating. The one thing I don't do much of is ab wk. I can't fucking stand crunches. But guess where my major trouble spot is... That's right. It's my gut. I'd like to know why during my turn at the genetic wheel of fortune I got the short, peach fuzzy, carry all my excess weight on top prize, and my brothers got the tall, slender, evenly proportioned prize. It's really not fair that I have more fuzz on my body then my brother Matt. Jonny got my Dads hairy chest, which made me feel a little better about my fuzz situation. The shaving and waxing I go through is crazy. My brothers are both over six ft tall. I'm five ft three, and while my legs stay relatively good looking, having children has not been so kind to my midsection. I believe that I do a somewhat good job of concealing my weight with the clothing I wear. Most people believe that I'm smaller then I actually am, or so they tell me. But my waist is pretty big. I've not been a religious exerciser for most of my life. In fact, I avoided physical exertion for most of my life, but starting two months ago, I decided that I needed to get off my ass. This gut's not gonna go away by it's self. So, Mike and i joined a gym with babysitters, so that I could go when ever I wanted. I haven't lost much in the way of pounds, but I have lost inches and have dropped two or three sizes. I do find it extremely annoying that the results aren't showing up much on the scale. I suppose that's just where, as a women, I place a lot of my focus. I quit weighing myself this week. I've decided not to frustrate myself by stepping on the scale, and finding out I've lost nothing. I really just want to be active and healthy. I love the feeling of getting stronger. Looking better is nice as well.
· Music:Bombs Over Bagdad; Outkast
· Sep. 25th, 2006
· 10:12 AM

I was listening to a Cris Brown song in the car. I love these lines where he explains that , and i'm paraphrasing here, that the girl he's gonna do it to can "leave her birthday suit on", and that he's going to leave his boots on and his jewels on. Holy crap that's funny. I know that I love a guy whose too lazy to take his fucking shoes off before sex. And lets not forget how easy it is to get your pants off over a pair of boots. So every time I hear that song it puts this image of a man on top of a woman, boots on, pants down around his ankles,one boot stuck in a pant leg, giant gold chains and diamond pendants thumping the poor girl in the face. That's sexy. Sometimes my husband leaves his shoes on, but normally it's because we're trying to catch a quickie before Sponge Bob Squarepants ends and the kids start banging on our door demanding things like food, and attention.
· Music:Justify My Love; Madonna
Sep. 23rd, 2006
· 11:06 PM

Ponder this.About six months ago I got a hair cut. It was a cute shaggy bob, a little higher in the back then the front. (I hate my hair growing out long in the back, because I get a funky mullet thing going on.) I went to visit with my Grandma after my hair cut and she told me my hair looked really nice, and that she really liked it. She then proceeded to tell me how much she disliked it when women received hair cuts that are higher in the back, and when are girls going to realize that sort of style makes them look "stupid". That was her being subtle, and if it hadn't been so obvious that she was putting my cut down and not other "women", I might have gotten angry. Instead, I thought it was pretty funny. If I were a more passive aggressive person, I might have told her that she had just told me that very thing fifteen minutes earlier, and remind her of how forgetful she's gotten lately.
· Music:Here We Go Again; Operation Ivy
Penis of Doom, Underwear of Death
· Sep. 23rd, 2006 at 9:44 AM

last night around 9:00Me: Do you want to put pajamas on?Chad: No. I wanna sleep naked, like a man.Me: Whatever silly boy. Just take your clothes off and get into bed then.Chad: (Pulling underpants off) Naked means no underwear! ( pointing his penis at me) Watch out for my Penis of Doom!!!! It will pee right in your eye!Me: Get your Penis of Doom in bed!Chad: (falling into bed giggling with his underwear around one ankle) Look out for my Underwear of Death! (Kicks them at me)Me: Oh my God.
Sep. 16th, 2006
· 9:26 AM

Today I have to get my house ready for Chads birthday. He's five tomorrow. It seems impossible that he could already be five. If you're looking for a way of making time fly, just have a baby or two. I remember my four days of labor like they were yesterday. Both my kids were late by at least a week. I guess they just like hanging out in my uterus for as long as possible. I distinctly remember on about my third day of labor with Chad, thinking he wasn't coming out. I genuinely believed he wasn't ever going to come out. He was going to stay, and I was going to have to move furniture in. I guess three days of pain and very little sleep will make anything seem reasonable. Dave, on the other hand, shot out after only three hours of labor and two or three pushes. Anyhoo, Chad turns five. Smart, adorable, funny, argumentative, and disagreeable five. Now I've got clean my house, and get busy making fifty thousand cupcakes.
· Music:Stephanie Says, The Velvet Underground
Sep. 6th, 2006
· 9:20 PM

Mike and I spent the weekend in Tempe Arizona, AKA, Hell on Earth. We mainly drove out there to go to a Rollins Band show. It rocked. Even the opening band was good, I wish I could remember their name, but neither one of us can recall it. A large, drunk, "Native", as he referred to himself, thought he knew us, and got really friendly with my husband. I spent the rest of the night calling him my husbands boyfriend, and in between songs I told Mike that the "Native" wanted to do him in the butt. He was also doing that, " I'm drunk, therefore I have no sense of personal space," thing. He may as well have been sucking on Mikes earlobe when he talked to him. The main thing we learned from our trip, is that central Arizona sucks. It's super-dee-duper-dee hot and choc full of adorable blonde's with bad attitudes. Our main question during the weekend was, "Where are all the ugly people?" Fat asses were few and far between, we didn't see any crazy homeless people talking to themselves, and there were no visibly disfigured, or just plain ugly people hanging out on the street corners. The best part of coming home to Albuquerque, was the return to all the ugly fat people. When I went to Hastings the day after we got back, I was damn cute and thin, compared to all the uglies in the store. Now I don't want you to think Albuquerque is just being run rampant with disgusting looking people, but the ratio of hot, average, and ugly looking people is much more even. I'd say it's closer to a 30-40-30 ratio, which is why I feel comfortable at the gym, and mall.
· Music:Love in a Void, Siouxsie and the Banshees
Aug. 26th, 2006
· 10:22 PM

Holy shit! I'm really tired. I'm on this new, exhausting schedule that's driving me nuts. Now that my kids are going to bed at seven thirty, they're waking up at seven and it's killing me. It doesn't help that my husband comes home for dinner at eleven, so I generally end up until midnight which only gives me six hours of sleep. And to be perfectly honest, I'm quite fond of sleep. I enjoy a good nine hours in dreamland. Also, my life has become much more hectic now that my oldest boy has started pre-K. My typical day...7:00 Wake up, get the boys dressed and fed by 8:30 pack them into car seats and take Chad to school. Run errands to the grocery store, pharmacy, and anywhere else I need to go. I do all this with my 2 year old, David, which means it takes three times as long as it would without a toddler who insists on walking everywhere, and not sitting in the cart. 11:45, time to head to Chad's school and pick him up. From there, I go to the gym, and workout for an hour and a half, then I pack the kids back into there car seats, and go home. 2:00, I make my husband his breakfast (He works nights) and run to the bank to get his change for work. I also must sometime during the day, let my neighbors dogs out twice to shit, and pray for six thirty to roll around, because I that's when I make dinner for the boys, and as soon as they're done eating it's story time, teeth brushing time, and night night time. Ahhhh...7:30, my dream come true. Then I collapse on the couch for an hour and a half, too tired to do much other then vegetate in front of the television. when I finally pull out of my exhaustion stupor, I call Mike to see what he wants for dinner, and even though I'd rather not make a god damn thing, I get off my ass and cook something up for him to eat. when he gets home for dinner, I sit up with him for a little while, then stumble off to bed. Night night.
Aug. 20th, 2006
· 8:33 PM

I just ate some cake. It was my second piece of the day, and it was disgustingly sweet. I feel really gross now. When I finished my first cube of white cake with butter cream frosting and chocolate whipped cream filling, my stomach cramped and I swore I wouldn't have another. I guess I was wrong. I feel another cramp coming on. I think my body's punishing me for my indulgence. Please body!!!!! It was just a little cake!!!! Butter cream frosting is sickening anyway. I don't know why they call it "butter cream." It' shortening and powdered sugar blended until smooth, and spreadable. It always makes me sick, and I should certainly know better then to eat it by now. I remember my fourth birthday cake. It was a white cake with butter cream frosting, and blue roses. I was so excited because my mom cut a piece out of the center of the cake, so that I could have the biggest icing rose. I was sure that I'd be able to finnish that frosting right up, and it would be delicious. I failed miserably. I couldn't even make it a third of the way through the thick frosting rose. I told my Dad it was too sweet and he threw it away for me. Lard frosting will always be my enemy. I just need to try and remember that it makes me sick. I don't see that happening anytime soon, seeing as I can't remember that four hours earlier, I had a piece of cake that made me consider bulimia.On another note, I think my punctuation is atrocious. I believe that I over use commas on a regular basis, and sometimes use periods in weird places. And thank God for spell check, because I'm not the best at spelling. Also, I'm never quite sure where my paragraphs end, so I never indent, and hardly ever hit return.
· Music:Bizarre Love Triangle; New Order
Aug. 7th, 2006
· 4:48 PM

I had this really dreadful dream last night. It wasn't that it was terrifying, it was just really monotonous and kinda gross. I can appreciate a memorable nightmare or a satisfyingly good dream, but I don't want to dream anything boring and disgusting.So here's my dream...I was back at the trailer I grew up in. (Yes, I grew up in a trailer and no, it was not like a Jerry Springer episode.) I was in the bathroom taking a nice poo. I got up and flushed. Everything seemed to go down well (You had to watch that toilet like a hawk) so, I washed my hands and left the bathroom to go visit with some anonymous guests. One of them went off to use the facilities, then left quite hurriedly. When I walked back into the bathroom the toilet was full of shit and nearly over flowing. I grabbed the plunger, and began to plunge away. I plunged and repeatedly flushed the crapper, and nothin'. I just had to keep plunging.That's it. That's my dream. I plunged a poopy potty for a really long time, and then I woke up.
· Music:Dirty Love, Motorhead
Aug. 7th, 2006
· 10:40 AM

Maybe I'm completly over reacting, but I'm so feakin' excited I can hardly contain myself!!!!!!! My sweet little Chad is registered for Pre- K!!!!!!!! He starts school on Monday of next week and I'm totally shitting my pants over it. His school supply list is the most adorable thing I've ever read! 1. Small Backpack2. Blanket3. Crib Sheet (Nap time is very important at this facility)4. Change of ClothesIsn't that sweetest god damn supply list!?! He is so smart, and so ready for something fun outside of our home. He can already spell his name, (which qualifies him as a genius in my love blinded eyes) and he has an amazing vocabulary for a four year old. He is also the most amazing artist. In fact here's a drawing he did of the Cat in the Hat and cats ABC&D.For those of you who don't know, that's an awesome drawing from a four year old.
Jul. 30th, 2006
· 9:53 PM

Most people think I'm joking when I say this, but the secret to the success of my marriage is lowered expectations. Now Mike and I haven't been together for and extraordinary amount of time, but we have been together for a good percentage of our lives. Just about thirty percent. For all you math geniuses out there, I'm twenty eight, and we've been together for nearly eight years, married for almost six. Now if I expected my marriage to be a romantic romp through a field of blooming daisies, I'd be screwed. Mike is not a writer of sonnets, and bouquets of flowers are few and far between. His idea of romance is a good smack on the ass. I think that couples sometimes get this idea that being with someone is supposed to be full of romantic surprises, like expensive dinners, diamond rings, and romantic love letters. I think being with someone is more about being able to accept this person you have chosen to be with for who they are, good and bad. Now I will admit that there have been times in my life with Mike where I thought I wanted him to be more attentive and romantic. It took me at least four years to realize that Mike is Mike, and I can't expect him to be something he's not. He is not a romantic person and he's terrible with surprises. In general, getting a gift from him means that I went to the store, picked it out, purchased it, brought it home, and showed him what he bought me. This is fine with me. I think we have a deep understanding of the fact that we're not all that deep. We don't need poems or romantic dinners. When I look into his eyes, I just know that I love him. He's funny, sexy, and good company. Who could ask for more. And really, who doesn't enjoy a good smack on the ass.
· Music:Back That Azz Up; Juvenile
Jul. 28th, 2006
· 1:27 AM

Ok. I know I spend a lot of time complaining about scorpions, but you just need to understand one thing... I hate them. Finding one a few minutes ago truly creeped me out. Almost as much as watching my husband cut it in half with a knife. Why he feels the need to kill insects with knives and hand tools is beyond me. I've watched him for years slice squirmy buggies in half with knives, pinch them into pieces with pliers, and torment them with other such implements of insect torture. Maybe it was his sad childhood that has left him longing for the preadolescent joy of capturing bugs and burning them up with a magnifying glass. My youngest brother, Jonathan, Was a well known bug tormentor. From the age of 10 through 13 he would often capture roaches and try to drown them in my mothers tea ball. He also would create ant traps by spreading pancake syrup on a sheet of foil and leaving it somewhere for my mother to find weeks later coverd in a variety of crawlie things. There were also frequent instances involving the freezing and thawing of flies. If he timed it right he could bring them back from there almost dead state of hypothermia. Classic. Mike was not blessed with many of these experiences. So instead of labeling him as disturbed, I choose to label him as a man who never got to be a boy, and makes up for with disturbing behavior.
· Music:Love Plus One, Haircut 100

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My first post and I can't think of anything to say. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........

Ok.... I'm making cupcakes. My 7 year old nominated me to make 36 cupcakes for his class holiday party without checking with me first. It's a good thing his cute.

My husband is watching CNN. I don't know how anyone can watch that much news.

This is pretty lame but generally it takes me a few tries before I get comfortable and just let loose.