Monday, October 26, 2009

Dunkin Donuts

So I'm not quite making it once a week. I feel tired and physically and emotionally drained it's hard to find the time and energy to blog. My inspiration for blogging tonight is my five year old boy, David. Friday night I woke to sobbing from David's room. I stumbled blindly down the hall to stepping on transformers and tripping on little boy laundry that was supposed to make it into the washer but did not. I climbed up to the top bunk to cuddle David. I asked him if he had a bad dream. His answer... "I dreamed we were at Dunkin Donuts and I want it to be real!" Then he sobbed even louder! It was hard not to giggle. I thought It was going to be the nightmare he has about a bee chasing him, but no he just woke up really disappointed to not be at a Dunkin Donuts. Anytime I thought about this today it made me smile. David really helped me through my day today.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Balloon Time

Today we went to the Balloon Fiesta. We were up by 4:00am. No joke! We had to be at the park and ride by 5:30 and we made it to the balloon Fiesta by 6:00am. It was then time for hot chocolate and whining until the first balloon took off at 7:30. It started off cloudy, dark, and cool, and ended bright and sunny! Fun was had by all. I think my pics are in reverse chronological order, but who cares!