Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm trying to keep my mind off the job situation. (I'm being paid through Wed. Still don't know if gallery will be reopening) So I'm just going to go random and tell you about myself....

1. I got a lower back tattoo before people called them "Tramp Stamps." I have a total of two tattoos and wouldn't recommend getting them. I like them on my husband, but occasionally wish I didn't have mine. Sometimes you out grow things. I call the tatt in the center of my back "I'm 18 and I can do what I want!" I didn't get cartoon characters, and if you're going to get a tattoo please don't get a cartoon. I can still remember this girl in high schools simba tattoo. It was on her lower back and she must not have been in a very good position when she got it, because when she walked around it looked stretched out and warped. I thought it was funny because she was a bitch. Now that being said, if I had the money I'd probably get more, because it's too late for me. I've got them and I might as well get more. My beautiful 20 year old friend Maria told me she wanted one, and I told her not to. She's way too pretty to mar herself with ink.

2. I'm currently stuck in a cycle of Amish Friendship Bread making. My family loves it so I keep making it. I give my extra bags of fermenting batter away, and I'm pretty sure they just get tossed. My main question is, why is there instant vanilla pudding in Amish friendship bread? How Amish is that?

3. I spent the morning flooding gopher holes. I don't know if it will work but the poison pellets weren't working all that well. I'm trying to keep them from moving in on my bulbs. Next up fencing out rabbits. They ruined my grass! God Damn rabbits. My bulbs are coming up, and my small scraggly weeping cherry tree is budding. Someday it will be big and beautiful!

4. I have a small collection of Dia de los Muertos bric-a-brac. I love that stuff! I like Mexican Folk art to begin with. Santos, retablos, Oaxacan carvings, various masks, but skulls are my fave.

5. I love angry boy music. Rollins Band, Slayer, Motorhead. I also love gay boy music. Like the Pet Shop Boys and Boy George. Now that I think about it, there isn't any rhyme or reason to why I like what I do. It's just gotta rub me the right way. The cd in my car has Motorhead, David Bowie, Ludacris, Radio Head, Rollins band, the Cure, Busta Rhymes, and The Clash on it. Oh my God do I love the Clash.


  1. This was great to read! I was thinking of getting a small tattoo with my daughter's initials....maybe not. Hmmmm

    AND the music- I'm with you! I love 80s alternative synth crap, but also APB, Ministry, Radiohead, Bowie, Clash (Spanish Guns...Police and Thieves...). I'm going to have to look through my old old CDs and break some out while I'm sewing!

  2. I suppose you could think of it this way... How many tattoos do you want your daughter to get?

    I love Ministry! Many a year ago I saw them in concert. It doesnt feel like 12 years.

    Clash... Police and Thives is up there on my fave clash songs! Also Guns of Brixton and Hate and War!

  3. yes, you are right. I really don't want her getting any. I think what swayed me all this time is 1) no burning desire 2) couldn't think of what I'd want permanently added and 3) saw my Uncle Tom's old tattoo on his arm 'bleed' so it was no longer a clear picture. BUT since having her, I've been considering more and more, but likely won't. :-) I guess I can also chalk it up to maturity? oh god....can't believe I'm OLD.

    Do you remember the OLD Ministry of "I wanted to tell her..." and "Halloween" (I have this on tape) and the NEW headbanger Minitry ("Land of Rape and Honey" disc?) - i love the OLD more than NEW, but still have a fondness for NEW - and Rage Against the Machine, ALice in Chains....i love music!

  4. I had The Ministry tape you're talking about (Cant remember the name of the album. My memory was taken over by my children. I can name a lot of transformers and recite the spong bob movie but can't remember Album titles), I think my little brother ruined it. I still have Twitch. I love the newer stuff too. Of corse I still think The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste is new.... It's not. I love music too.

  5. Oh Yes "Mind" disc....the second hard-core release after "Land of"...with my favorite "Stigmata" track. Don't think I bought any after "mind". How about Soundgarden ? I LOVE LOVE Chris Cornell's voice and "Down onthe Upside" with track "Burden in my Hand".

    After this 'talk' I've added "go through old CDs" to my weekend TO DO list. :-0

    ANy word on the gallery?

  6. I never really listened to a lot of Sound Garden. I agree with you about his voice though.

    Have fun going through your cd's! We have everything uploaded on to the computer and the computer hooked up to surround sound. We sold most of our cd's to a music store and bought more and repeated the process. Of course we had to get an external hard drive to back it all up on. It would suck so bad to lose it all!

    No news:( I'm pretty sure I'll be hearing something tomorrow. He has a meeting with the landlords today. It would be nice to hear something right away, but I didn't know that the store was padlocked until I got there, so who knows when I'll find out if it's re-opening or not...