Sunday, March 1, 2009


Chad. the child I deprived of cake.

My generous Father and David

I came to a realization this last week that I'm not as generous as my father. When I was small my dad had to make business trips every other week. The man would save his airplane peanuts for my brother Matt and I. That means he saved his snacks from both his departing and returning flights. Anytime he flew we got honey roasted Delta peanuts on his return. So last week we had a lot of cake. My mother in law brought a half sheet chocolate Cost-co cake for my sons birthday. David was so excited! It had a skate border on it and he Kept exclaiming, "How did you know I wanted this cake??" Fast forward a week later. We are down to our last chunk of cake. Mike and I put the boys to bed, and I get out the cake. Mike tells me he was saving it for our oldest boy Chad. I tell him that we are eating it and if Chad asks about it the next day he can just give him some of the left over ice cream. After a little more convincing, Mike and I sit and eat the last of the cake. So I convinced my husband that we should eat the last of the cake instead of saving it for our child. It's not like I needed the cake. Chad had Ice cream the next day, and had totally forgotten there was cake waiting for him. He did have cake all week long. How bad should I feel?

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