Friday, February 27, 2009

I won these cute pendants from little pink plum

These arrived day before yesterday! They are so cute! Thanks so much to littlepinkplum. If you would like to see more work by this artist please visit her etsy ...

Or check out her blog!


  1. That's awesome. They're really fun - I'll check out her etsy.

  2. like the bunny and birdie! Isn't it nice to win a giveaway?

    BTW- my MIL received her bday gift right on her birthday - and she LOVES LOVES LOVES the necklace! She kept going on about how beautiful, different, and delicate it is. SO I hit a home-run with your gift! AND I received your TU note...very nice of you to send. Jennifer

  3. The bunny and birdie are my faves too!

    I'm so glad your mil liked the necklace! It makes me happy to hear that she's enjoying her birthday gift. Thanks for the extra!