Sunday, February 1, 2009


I think a family in Mexico makes these "Women of the Night" I love them. Huge asses and and tacky lingerie. I have no ass and cotton underpants. So it's nice to see something different. I found them at John Isaac's Antiques in Old Town Alb. I don't remember what they cost, but Mike snapped a shot. The place is filled to the top with Mexican, Guatemalan, and South American antiques as well as contemporary folk art. I love it!


  1. Great shot! Love the colors.. unlike you, I have a big ass.. don't think that's a good thing :P

  2. Ha! Better a big ass then no ass at all! A lot of people like junk in the trunk.

  3. Nice finds! :D How big were they? Life size?

  4. And Blow up! No. the biggest is about 12" tall.

  5. OMG - I LOVE these!!!! I actually have an awesome photo book called "Oaxacan Cermamics" that is full of pictures like this and they are great! I've also been to Old Towne in Alb. when my husband had a business trip to New Mexico and that was my absolute favorite place to go shopping - I think we spent a whole day there! Oh, and I get the whole having "no ass" thing - me too - what I would give for some curves! LOL!!!

  6. Deb,
    I work at a Gallery in Old Town. It's primarily Native American art and jewelry. I love it. Old town is so much fun, and I like Albuquerque better then Santa Fe. It's more real. Santa Fe is beautiful but I always feel like I've entered some sort of rich person twilight zone.

    Curves would be fun! But I guess we should be happy with our no butts. ;)