Friday, January 30, 2009

I don't even know what's good anymore.

I've been trying to work on my photographs for etsy. The truth of the matter is I photograph things all the time at work. By the time I get to photographing my things I'm exhausted and don't give a shit. Bad I know. I recently re-shot everything and I'm working on editing the pics, and getting them up. I don't know if they're better or not. I'm trying to stream line the shop and use a consistent background in the new photos. I thought it might give my shop a cleaner look. Opinions? Please be free with them!


  1. I know this isn't much help, but they both work! :P I love how you have the textured background in the first one which contrasts between the sleek lines of your necklace. And I also like how clean and sophisticated the second photo is. I suppose it depends on what you're trying to achieve. :D

  2. Thanks! I guess my concern is that if you look at my shop it's looks like a hodge podge. Maybe a uniform background would make it look better?

  3. I think its mostly cohesive.
    I will admit mine is a mess... I really need a better camera and don't want to reshoot...then reshoot in another month.
    Of the before & after pics I think the second one is the more interesting of the two, but both are good.

  4. Thanks for the input Jucy Pop. Your shop is not a mess! It's bright and cheerful and fun.