Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just rubbed green chile in my eye. Whoops. I was taking out my contacts and I just finished making a pepperoni, tomato, and green chile pizza. Also I had to hang a bunch of vintage rugs this week at work and I think I pulled a muscle. I have these really painful back spasms. Sahweet. Davey my youngest has been rubbing my back since he found out it hurt. It's really cute. I've pet kittens harder then he rubs my back.


  1. Oh jeez I remember when I did that! That hurt like I don't even know! It wouldn't stop burning!
    Your son sounds like a sweetheart for rubbing your back makes me say awwww lol :)

  2. I always forget that I've been handling chile. I don't know why, but it comes back pretty quick when I stick my finger in my eye.

    He is sweet! Unless he's having a bad day. Mostly sweet though.