Sunday, January 25, 2009

I told my husband I was going to blog. He said I should blog about how awesome he is. Then he posed like a saint on a candle. He moved before I could get the camera.

He is very anti me putting he photos online. I threatened to put up the really goofy one I took of him smiling like a goober with his thumbs up and crumpled dollar bills sprinkled all over him. I called it his "Big Pimpin" photo. But as I said before, he doesn't like having his picture online. he's already complained about the one in my slide show.

He is awesome though. Totally anti-social and disturbed, but we have a lot of fun together. Every year we both forget our anniversary. We generally remember about two weeks after it's passed. I say the same thing to him. "Another year, and I still like you." We've been married for eight years and together for ten.

Still like him. I love him too, but I really think liking him is important.


  1. He sounds like a great guy! I think you should def sneak the pic on here so we can all get a good laugh :p jk

  2. You know, I agree about the "liking' part. My husband and I were friends for a few months before we dated. We like each other and that is Soooooooo important when we're not exactly thrilled with each other at the moment. We've been married 33 years - together 34. He still says I'm the funniest person he ever met. I call him my "photo bitch" when we take rides to find pics. I drive (so I can stop EXACTLY when I want) and he holds my camera - always on the ready to hand it over in a flash.

    I think we should all post one pic of our significant other and you can tell him now that you have a blog you can't be rude and not participate ;)

    thanks for adding me, by the way.


  3. How considerate of you to not post the Pimpin' picture! You and he sound like a good match.

  4. Krazy Fashion and Jude...He would seriously go insane if I put up the big pimpin' photo. The tee shirt ninja he's fine with, because you can only see his eyes. I have loads of creepy pics of him. Every time I try to get a good shot of him he ruins it with scary faces.

    Jude... 34 Years! Way to go! I love "Photo Bitch" so funny.

    Boutique by Bonnie... I don't know if I'm considerate or just afraid he might pull out some god awful pic of me.