Monday, July 20, 2009

2 Photos I took last Week

Clouds in the AM

My hibiscus is blooming!


  1. Oh SWEETIE..I hadn't been by your blog inawhile and all HECK seems to have broken loose in your tiny life!!!

    My prayers are with you.
    Men are ginormously stupid--no matter how much you love them--and I am so sorry that you are having to experience this.

    You have been a good friend to me and I would love it if I could drop by and bring you chocolate and chick flicks to watch and cook you dinner:)
    You deserve some taking care of.

    Since I can't
    "drop by"
    Would you mind emailing me your address--I have a few little somethings I think you need<3

    Just is case you can't find it-my email is

    <3 sarasophia

  2. Thank you so much sarasophia. I need all the support I can get right now!

  3. The are gorgeous shots - especially the clouds - post that print to Etsy! :-)

  4. Olive: The clouds are my fave too. There's nothing quite like an NM sky. I've been working on a series of cloud shots. I'll post more soon.