Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Train Ride

Took the boys on the train to Santa Fe yesterday. They had a great time and came back with some new fun things to play with. Fun cheap things...(Even better!)

Dave and Monster Puppets

Chad and the Gyro

Awwww Shucks!

Fun Boys

Chads Thinking Face


  1. Your boys are SO handsome!
    And funny, too.. it seems!


  2. The monster puppets are awesome!! We used to have those and the whirly-gig toy too. GREAT toys. SOunds like you had a fun mom-and-boys day.

  3. AND LOVE LOVE your new jewelry posted to your shop!! OPEN STAR is fantastic.

  4. Sylvia: Thanks! They are pretty good lookin' if I do say so my self! They are very funny too. Hope your little man is good! He is soooo cute!

    Olive: It was amazing to find a toy shop on the Santa Fe plaza that had inexpensive fun toys. we had a great day. It was needed!
    I have more jewelry to post but I'm trying to spread it out over the next week or two. I really like how the open star came out! It's one of my new faves. Glad you liked it!