Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heart Ache!

Two things made my heart ache today.

1. I saw my baby brother today.

2. I went into a gallery.

Seeing my twenty five year old baby brother made my heart ache because I miss him so much! It's so strange to walk in to the restaurant he works at and see my brother a full grown man! We used to be very close but now I'm lucky if I see him once a year. There is no excuse for this! We live in the same damn city!!! Both of us have not been making time for each other and that is why we aren't as close as we used to be. Time to show a little effort on both our parts!

On my way to my car I stopped at Mariposa Gallery. I began to feel very emotional looking around. When I left I realized how much I missed working at a gallery! I used to think I just missed the people I worked with, which of course I do they are awesome, but I think working with art is something I miss just as much. Learning about the artists and their art fed my soul. I was surrounded by the creation of compelling and beautiful things and I was inspired to make my own art. That something I miss very much.


  1. Oh, I know what you mean about seeing siblings all grown up. My youngest sibling is I'm feeling very old. Love hearing about the gallery....I feel the same way about the sewing lately...all I'd like to do is get in that room and make things! If only I didn't have to work at a real job. *sigh*

  2. Baby siblings aren't allowed to get older! That means I'm getting older too!