Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I want right now

My world religion class just ended and I have four hours between classes today. I know that i must study my butt off for my psychology test later, but what do I want to do? I want to hunt down a doughnut. A doughnut and a latte! that sounds amazing! I suppose doughnuts are the thing i miss most about my shitty job. I called them untraceable doughnuts. They were untraceable because nobody would know just how many I ate. Not my husband, a psycho health nut, not anybody! they were there almost weekly in the breakroom just waiting for someone to devour! I always had more then my share, which is probably why since leaving that horrendous job, I have lost six pounds. I am parked half a mile away from school. To leave to get a doughnut would require walking in ninety eight degree weather. there's a Dunkin Doughnuts just a few blocks away, but once again that would require walking in the sweltering heat there and back pulling my bookbag behind me, and to be quite frank I sweat like a dude. So, sadly, i will stay here, and study. I will eat the orange and trail mix i brought and try not to think too hard about the doughnut that could be.


  1. oooooo could resist the donut, but definitely not the latte. I'm lately stuck on Chai fact, just typing the letters makes me want one now. But that would require strapping the kid into the car seat, driving 1/2 mile, finding parking, taking her out of car - and back in....uugh. too much effort. I'll just stay here and eat my bowl of cereal for dinner. :-(

  2. cereal for dinner is classic tired mom! I cant pass up a doughnut. Well, i can if i have to pay for it, but a free doughnut i definitely cant pass on!