Monday, August 30, 2010

whoo hoo!

So, the summer semester ended two weeks ago and my grades are as follows...

English- A
Psychology- A
Theatre- A
Religion- A
Probability and Statistics- B

So I pretty much rocked that semester. The last month of school really kicked my ass. I was physically and mentally drained, and where am I today? Back at school!!!! It's my first day of school for the fall semester. This semester I'm taking, the study of literature, developmental psychology, interpersonal communication, and U.S. history. my classes are all on Monday and Wednesday this semester and the classes are not condensed so I think this semester will be easier on me and my family. (I almost divorced my husband three times during the summer, poor thing. Sometimes I don't deal with stress well.)

What did I do during my break? Well the Hub and I had a lovely weekend at the hotel Andaluz in downtown Albuquerque, and we ate several meals at Flying star cafe, and The Standard Diner, We had a great time and boy were we in need of some serious alone time. With kids and Grandma time alone is hard to come by these days. The kids may spend a weekend at grandmas, but great grandma is always around repeating herself and forcing me to take pictures of her cat. Oh and one word, incontinence. The joys of caring for the elderly.

I have put on 5 pounds in two weeks due to my new found love of baking. In the last two weeks I have made, challa 3 times, chocolate chip cookies (the best I have ever had thank you smitten kitchen! ) St Louis gooey butter cake, and a chocolate layer cake with a brandied ganache frosting. all from the fore mentioned smitten kitchen. My kitchen aid has never seen so much action!!

So this is my update for now with more to come.


  1. its about time you write a post! I'm so proud of you and your awesome grades! I knew u would do great!!! I miss you! we need to get together soon!

    AND don't forget about our DONUT DATE!!!!

  2. great grades!! It's hard to manage everything - school, home, hubby, great-grandma and family....ETSY and blogging....I'm tired just writing itall. Thanks for the update - I need a weekend away with the hubby.