Thursday, October 14, 2010


I would say that right now I am lacking focus. I think that if you look at my blog you can see it for yourself. I'm all over the place and only post sporadically. I haven't been working on my jewelry, I procrastinate on my homework, and my house hasn't been really clean for months and months.

Of course if you ask those who know me they'll wonder if my house has ever truly been clean, and rightly so. My friends and family know that I only really scrub my house down when I'm hosting a gathering, and even then, my bedroom will be off limits because that is where i hide my piles of unfolded laundry, the children's rooms will be toy ridden minefields of disaster, and there will stacks and file piles in every corner of the house. But to answer their question, yes. Once upon a time my house was really clean. Top to bottom clean. Five years ago. For about two months. Right after we moved in. Then I gave up.

Now jewelry. I've got ideas! I know I can bring those ideas to fruition. BUT, I have no money to make it happen. The adorable boutique that was carrying my items closed. (now let us all bow our head for a moment of silence and shed a tear for Jilli Kae Everything Chic). I have plenty of jewelry that is not posted on my etsy. I have that jewelry photographed and edited. I have been to lazy to upload it. So here are some pics. I would like feedback-a-plenty on what you all think!

Also I've been making these button rings. I make them with vintage buttons as well as those I just really like. I started making them with sterling wire, but soon realized it was much more cost effective to make them with colored copper wire.

So please, FEEDBACK! Let me know what you think. Maybe hearing from you will help me get the lead out and upload all my goodies I have stashed away. Now off to look at my messy kitchen and decide to read my English assignments instead of clean.


  1. KAT! I love everything!!!! the button rings are adorable!!!! My fave is the flower one in the seventh picture! Get on it and put them online crazy lady!

  2. I LOVE the bee necklace. I want it. Is the chain silver or gold?

    And the button rings are amazing! I love them. You need to sell these. Seriously. Get on it!

  3. Awe shucks you guys! I'll get on it!
    Jackie:The bee necklace is on silver with a small peridot embedded in it.

    Maria:That's one of my faves too.