Tuesday, October 19, 2010

working out

So I've been working out with my husband. Four days a week he puts me through the wringer on our Total Trainer. (He says it should be five but something always comes up thank god!)
The problem is, this is what I think about while working out. 

I wanna make them NOW!
I start thinking, hmmmm. what if you made little balls of cream cheese frosting, froze them, then wrapped the cake pop goop around them......
Then It's my turn to do pull ups on a setting I would rather not discuss and while doing my pull ups and chest presses I think back fondly on my oldest boys birthday cake.

Which was amazing!
The moistest chocolate cake with fluffy marshmallowy 7minute frosting and coated in ganche.
Then its time for more chest and back exercises because, today is chest and back day. And I fantasize about the turnovers I made this weekend. 
Thinking of their flaky buttery goodness sends a shiver down my spine while I do my best to choke down my protein drink that will leave my mouth tasting of artificial sweetener for the rest of the day. 


  1. Those turnovers are so good!!! Those things up above on a stick look really yummy!!!

  2. Those look amazing. I want to eat them all...and I don't even have a total trainer. I need one. And a husband to make sure I use it...

  3. Melody: Sometimes it's hard to have a husband there to crack the whip. Especially when I want to bake and eat and watch the cooking channel and it's time to work out, and he won't put it off, and you have to stick to his schedule, and you kinda want to punch him in the nose, but you don't because you love him and deep down(deep deep deep down) you know he's right and you've gotta work out.

  4. lol, soooo fun. Love your blog, :-) xx Emily from EL Vintage

  5. You are a girl after my own heart.......