Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making Bread

Mix It


His Favorite Part

Cut It

My Favorite Part



  1. Food porn for preggo.. :)
    Looks delish!

  2. my stomach is digesting itself bc I haven't eaten dinner yet, and this bread looks ddivine! I'm such a bread-girl....really like the new blog design too!

  3. That looks so good. I think bread making is a true art! cheers~

  4. oh my gosh kat! I am extremely impressed! This bread looks AMAZIIIINNNGGGG!!!!

    p.s. the pics of your little helper are adorable :)

  5. wow, your blog is so cute <3 i love it. i follow you know, mybe you follow me back? <3 love, ayse

  6. Thanks everyone! I fell in love with baking this summer, and now I can't stop. I make the bread twice a week.

    Jaclynn: You mustn't let the preggo get too hungry! Dangerous things can happen with the hungry and hormonal!

    Olive: I love bread. I love all things baked. I wish i could get away with carbo loading but my pant size tells me no! no! no! good thing I don't listen to the cries of my waistband to closely.

    Splendid: I think I could live on bread alone. Too bad the rest of my family has a problem with that!

    Maria: I can teach you, you know! My helper is pretty cute. His cheeks remind me of bread dough a little.