Monday, March 28, 2011


Thirty-three years ago I emerged from my mothers loins! Gross right? 
Well in celebration of my birthday I ditched 3 of my 4 classes. Maybe not the brightest idea but hey, it's my birthday.
My Awesome Hubby Got me this cupcake!
I make better cake, but the mocha frosting was outstanding!

Anyhoo, March has been a good month. 
I've been invited to take honors classes at the community college and that will enable me to take honors classes at UNM in the fall. 
My Boys report cards were awesome! 
Grandma is still alive. 
My husband is hilarious as ever.
The weather is warm enough to go for lovely walks.

I've been super productive with my jewelry making! I made some super cute post earrings this weekend. 
I made molds of vintage buttons to make these. I like the way they came out. What do you think?


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! I'm so envious that you're so young! Enjoy - the cupcake looks delicious.

    What a great idea with the buttons. Love the new earrings.

    How is Shogun? hee hee

  2. Olive: Thank you for the birthday wishes! My 7 ear old thought i turned 49 today. Sweet of him to be so accurate. I got Shogun in the mail Friday! I haven't started it yet but I will!

  3. Happy birthday!!!! I'm so glad it has been wonderful :)
    Yummy cupcake! And congrats on the honor classes, that's so exciting!
    Lovely earrings as well, really interesting idea :)

  4. Happy Birthday!

    That cupcake looks delicious!

    and those earrings are great! I particularly like the first ones.

  5. Happy belated birthday!! Your handiwork is so detailed and awesome! I love the last pair most because it reminds me of atom molecules! Is that what they are suppose to be or is that just my wild imagination? Lol!

  6. Thank you thank you for the birthday wishes!

    The first are actually molded from a vintage button, but I love the atom idea! I hadn't thought about that!

  7. Happy Birthday!!

    I love the new earrings and the ditching class plan. Life is just too short and all.

    Have the very BEST day. You are amazing.