Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pathetic 20 Min. Search for Cadbury Robins Eggs

Today I shopped for candy. Easter is just a couple of days away and I needed to get out of the house for a bit. Now I try not to go too crazy with the candy for the boys. Just a few basics and a couple of fun extras for them to play with. As far as I'm concerned every basket needs only a few essentials when it comes to candy.

1. A chocolate bunny

2. Jelly beans

3. Cadbury Creme Eggs

4. Cadbury Robins Eggs.

That's it. Now to be perfectly honest, the boys don't care about what kind of candy they get. I could get them crap and it would make no difference to them. It just has to be sweet, but since I know I'm going to be eating it as well, I absolutely have to have the Cadbury Robins Eggs. The one thing I couldn't find at the store.

First, I slowly pushed the shopping cart up and down the Easter aisles scanning for the family sized bag of robins eggs. Then I picked up the pace and searched the aisles a second and third time. Next, I abandoned my cart and began scouring every end cap and center display. Finally a sales associate stopped me and asked me if I needed assistance. I told her what I was looking for and she showed me to the very last of the Cadbury Robins Eggs. They were hidden next to the Reese's peanut butter eggs. Only ten bags left. I grabbed two. One for me and one for the boys baskets. It took 20 minutes to locate them, but I got them!


  1. I agree on the candy- I bought Ryan a small chocolate bunny and jelly beans to hide in her plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt. But, I went with a work friend and no Cadbury Robin's Eggs to be found!! We went to CVS and Duane Reede (2 drug stores near our office) and NONE, NADA, ZIPPO. My friend was crushed! I settled for the malted milk ball Robin's Eggs instead - and I didn't even bring the bag's 1/2 gone in my desk cabinet. :-0

  2. The malted Robins eggs just aren't the same! The cadbury eggs are so smooth and the shell smells like vanilla. I stashed one of the bags in my underwear drawer. The last place two little boys want to look!

  3. Cadbury Mini Eggs are the absolute best!! I totally indulge since they only come once a year! I had decided I bought my last bag when one our friends came over tonight with a Star Wars Egg Dying Kit & an 18 oz bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs!!! Love! We have the best buddies!

  4. Ok, now I'm getting jealous. Savor your easter candy!

  5. Jodie: I ate my whole bag. Now I'm stealing the kids.

    K : Unfortunately I did not savor my mini eggs. I strapped the bag to my face like a feed bag and horked them all down. Now i feel fat and sad. Sad because they are all gone.