Friday, May 8, 2009


I'm a moron. I was in my garden this morning looking for weeds to pull. Most every weed here has something sharp and prickly on it, so I like to get them young before they have a chance to get too painful. That's when I noticed this really strange looking group of stems coming up out of the ground in my bulb garden. I looked at them closer and I had never seen anything like them! They looked almost like asparagus. I tried to pull them up only to realize that the root wasn't coming up with them. I did a little digging and that's when I remembered the hibiscus I planted there last year. Yup. I just removed all the new growth from my hibiscus. If I may quote Homer Simpson, "I am so Smart. S-M-R-T!" and lets not forget "D'oh!"



  1. oh no!! Hopefully it will still grow...By us, hibiscus only last one season - or mabe only mine last one season!

  2. That sounds like a move I would "pull." Get it? I'm so funny.

    So, did you replant it, or just stick in a a purdy vase and call it a day?


  3. Well, I didn't get the roots out. I just pulled off all the new growth, so I'm thinking that it will sprout some more. My first clue that it wasn't a weed should have been that I had never seen a weed like it! Ha!

    Olive: Maybe winters are too cold for them there. We almost never get below freezing here. We all think it's freakishly cold when the temp drops below 45 degrees.