Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I only have 14 things in my shop, but they are all 50% off with free shipping! I've been low on supplies for a while and really want new things so I can fill my shop up with goodies! When you have no job and are on unemployment, buying new supplies becomes very tough. My goal is to sell everything in my shop so that I can get creating again!

This was $48.00 and is now $24.00

These were $28.00 and are now $14.00

Please follow the link above to find more great deals!


  1. I LOVE the first one...reminds me of the gateway to a secret garden..or the swinging wrought iron entrance to my grandmothers roses:)

    You are so talented.

    <3 sarasophia

  2. Thanks! I really like it too. My husband asked me if I could make something that looked like wrought iron so I gave it a shot. It's supposed to look like a gate. I gave it the morbid name of Cemetay gates, but only because Cemetary Gates is one one of my fave Smiths songs. The song doesn't sound morbid.

  3. OOOOO I'm going to have to check out the bee and flower earrings!!