Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thanks to all who put up with my bitch fest yesterday. Sometimes it's just what you need to feel some relief!

I went for a run today. If you can call it that. I walk then pick out something in the distance and run to it, then I walk more. There was this one sprint where I thought "Wow! That last run was super long!" Then I realized that the same song was still on my mp3 player. It was a Ramones song which means I couldn't have been running for more then a minute and a half. It looked far, but I guess it wasn't. Still I was active for about an hour and it felt good. Except for the five minutes or so that breeze stopped and I got to feel the full force of the 88 degree weather and the blazing hot sun. I thought my ears were melting.

I look hilarious when I exercise. My face turns into a tomato and I sweat like Niagara Falls. My husband is always impressed with how much sweat I produce. He has told me that he wishes he would sweat that much. He thinks it would feel satisfying. It takes like an hour after exercise for my face to return to it's naturally pasty pale complexion. My mother calls it peaches and cream. Gotta love her.

Do any of you have those problems? Or do you all look fresh as Daisy's after working out?


  1. First of all, in response to your comment: I think George as a made up middle name is one of the funniest things I've heard in awhile.

    Secondly, your anecdote about your run could've been written by me. I run the exact same way. I turn what is probably the exact same shade of tomato red, and then return to my deathly pallor. I kind of envy those people who wear makeup when they work out and it's still perfectly in place when they're done (though it's horrible for your skin!)

  2. I am afraid exercise leaves me blotchy--and frizzy.


    I would be almost tempted to run solo if it weren't so much more fun with a friend.

    (I just usually make sure the friend isn't one of those "perfect makeup face" post-run ladies:P)

    And ALSO....Yoga seems to be about the only exercise known to man where you look more attractive AFTERWARDS.

    Seriously. If you've never done it, give it a go. It increases blood flow in just the right amounts AND you can do it the coolness of your own home so, no melty ears.

    <3 sarasophia

  3. OH goodness! I just went over to (sweeter than me)'s blog and saw that you had won their gift certificate giveaway!! Did you know?

    I am super duper jealous:P

    <3 sarasophia