Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birthday Cake

I made a cake for my mother in law.
It was her birthday.

It was a delicious cake.

I got the recipe HERE

I"m not saying how many candles were lit.

But it looked like a forest fire.


  1. Ha too cute! Darling blog, definitely following! XX!

  2. Hey! I better get a cake that cute for my birthday! Love you, Mom

  3. Is anonymous my Mother in Law commenting about that forest fire thing???? Hmmmmm.

    Of course I will make you a cute cake Momma!

  4. That cake looks soooo good! It's pretty impressive you got the icing on so neatly! I love the pic of all the candles, it looks really cool..and a bit dangerous :p

  5. oh my. surprised the house didnt burn down! haha jokes.

    it looks beautiful and so delish!

  6. It was dangerous! The heat of the flames was intense but the birthday girl triumphed and all flames were extinguished be the power of her lungs!

  7. Oh wow, I have never seen a blue and gray cake before :)

  8. It's so pretty, I wanna paint with it!

  9. signe: it was blue and white, but i can see why you thought grey! bad lighting...

    Michael: eating it's a good idea too!