Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed last night. I know I know, it's December, but I live in the desert so it's a treat when it snows. High desert by the way. Way different then the low kind. I worked in a tourist spot once, and people from cold places would say, "I thought it wasn't supposed to be cold in the desert?!?" I'd smile and inform them that they were thinking of Phoenix, not Albuquerque. It gets cold, but we don't get much snow.

The boys were so excited! they had to make a snowman and have a snowball fight. I made them warm biscuits and hot cocoa.

They had a two hour delay, but we kept them home anyway. It's the last day before Christmas break and we figured why not? 

They were so happy!


  1. these are some of the coolest snow men i've seen. i loved the part about u making them warm biscuits and hot cocoa. :)ur the best. ur boys are lucky to have u as there mama...AND they got to stay home the whole day!? sahweet!!!

  2. Thanks Maria! we had fun and they were so sweet about it.

  3. They are the cutest snow men!!! sounds like a wonderful day :)

  4. what a great great job with the Frostys! Thanks for the info- I wouldn't have thought you'd get snow. :-0 It has been super cold in NY and we keep waiting for snow....alas, nothing yet. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm so glad you decided to start blogging again....

  5. Cute snowmen!
    Wishing you & your family all the best, Happy Holidays! x