Thursday, December 30, 2010


The holidays are almost over and as of the day after Christmas, the baking has ceased.  Well, not entirely. I still make bread weekly and sweet potato bran muffins, but that's it! Because too much of this....

I'm getting fat.
The first time I made this pie I found that I couldn't get the lemon slices thin enough, so when I set the lemon slices aside to soak the sugar for the suggested 24 hours they got a bit tough and chewy. That said the flavor was so amazing that I had to try again. When I made it the second time, I zested the lemons and cut off the pith instead, then sliced the lemon. I also squeezed the juice of an extra lemon in the sugar lemon mix. I took this to my BIL and SIL house for a Christmas gathering and it was a huge success. My FIL said it was the best lemon pie he had ever had. No joke. 
I hope everyone has had a lovely Holiday! 


  1. This was really good when you brought it for our little Christmas gathering! For some reason, Neil passed it up, but don't fret - I gave it a good home. LOL

  2. I'm glad that last piece of pie found a good home Megs!

  3. That looks amazing! Christmas baking is the best :p Now we have a year to work it off before we do it all again!

  4. That looks divine. But my zipper hates me. And I loathe it equally.

  5. Since the other pie recipe you posted was awesomelicious, I must make this one too! Thanks for making my hiney a little bigger!!!

  6. Many colours: that's right baby! more baking next year!

    Wendi: it was good... so good... so damn good.

    pretty things: My zipper hates me too and I really hate my scale!

    Michael: I don't think you'll be disappointed. it was goooooood.

  7. The pie looks amazing! I've been baking and eating too much too. As soon as the last of the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are gone, I'm going back to the gym.