Friday, December 10, 2010

Let me introduce you to my Grandma

Grandma has dementia. She thinks it's funny to flip the bird.
She likes my boys. She eats a tub of margarine a week. She used to smoke.
Once upon a time she was sharp as a tack. She was one of the first females to be ordained an Episcopal Priest in the 1970's.  
Now she sits in her room and knits all day long while watching TV.
She lives with us. It's not easy sometimes.
Sometimes she is like a broken record.
Sometimes she can carry a conversation. 
She can't remember that conversation for more then 5 minutes.
Incontinence is a bitch.
  My house smells funny now.
But mostly, 
I'm glad she is with us. 
I'm glad we can take care of her now. 
We might not be able to do it forever, but we will do it as long as we can. 


  1. Even with the spongebob hat she looks Gangsta in the top pic.

    My grandmother had full on alzheimers - I wish she had gotten to knit and flip the bird. lol

  2. that's wonderful that you have her living with you. i'm sure it's 100 times better for her than the old folk's home that my grandma is in :/

    haha, sorry I have to laugh at the photo of her flipping the bird!

  3. She loves to flip the bird! She really likes to say and do outrageous things, not because she's demented, but because she has always like to shock people. LOL!

  4. What a nice post. Cherish the time you have. I lost my gransmother thispast summer (she was 91 and awesome) and theother night I just cried bc I missed her. First Christmas without her....I haven't had one of those yet.

  5. i loved this post about ur crazy granny. The pictures were perfect...captured just how crazy yet loving she can be :)

  6. Olive: I'm so sorry about your Grandma. The firsts are the hardest, but I hope your memories of her keep a smile on your face for the holidays.

    Maria: She is crazy, but mostly crazy funny.

  7. Wow, that sounds like my grammy. She uses foul language and called her nursing home roommate a bitch. Before when she would go shopping at the mall, she shop lifted. Her daughters were too scared to confront her. She has chilled out A LOT...thankfully!

    I am so glad you have the heart to take of her and she is in not just a home but YOUR home. And you love her!

  8. Alyssa: We are glad to have her here while we can, and her outrageousness and sense of humor is fun to be around and only slightly embarrassing. ;-)